Friday, 26 May 2017

Shape Shifter

I got into a groove with the alterations to the house in the last few days so that since the previous post about it I've managed to get it finished.

(Which is the second time I've said that - hopefully there won't need to be a third!)

To illustrate what I've done to it here are pictures of how it looks now and what it looked like before.

I'd like to think that you can't really tell that it wasn't supposed to be like that all along.

So if I hadn't have confessed to the cock-up on here no one would have been any the wiser.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Bit On The Back

I've moved onto the second extension which needs to be added on to the house to make it more like the shape it appears in the aerial picture I posted the other day.

Here, I've simply had to build on an extra part of the ground floor.

I'm not sure whether it is an extension to the kitchen or some kind of sun lounge, and there was not much of it I could see from the photograph, beyond it's basic shape.

So I've made some assumptions (always dangerous) and put in a door to the garden at the other side and a large window at the front.

I have also decided to level off the bottom of the render and not extend the up-slope, which seemed the logical thing to do if it was indeed an extension to the original house.

It's been quite fun to do, so far.  Maybe I should make more models wrong to start with?

Monday, 22 May 2017

Half A Million Milestone

I know these things must be taken with a pinch of salt, but I was very please last night to notice that the pageview counter on this blog has passed the figure of half a million.

According to the statistics provided by Blogger May 2017 has also set a new record for the number of views.

Whether that is really an increase in the number of you coming here to take a look at what we're up to, or just attracting more attention from the bots, I have no way of knowing.

I notice also that it's now just over seven years since I began blogging.

I've never managed to establish the habit of keeping a diary of my daily life but it occurred to me the other day how, by accident almost, this has developed into a comprehensive archive of our modelling since he beginning of the decade.

Seven years ago I was working on our first Superbarn carriage so in many ways very little has changed.

The layout still isn't finished, but it is complete enough to have been shown a couple of times at exhibitions.

The last time was back in the autumn of 2015 but as I write this now I regret that there are no shows confirmed for the future.

That's no reflection of any unwillingness on our part so if there are any exhibition managers reading this who would be interested in having Bron Hebog at your show please do get in touch.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Getting The Builders In

I have begun the reconstruction of the house after pulling various bits off it last week.

The front of the upstairs bedroom has been moved forward and the frame for the dormer window built up.

I've also blanked off the two small windows on the side nearest the camera.

There will be an extension added in front of the area with the back door and another two windows will be cut in the new side piece.

I've also blanked off the bottom of the old patio door to create one very large window at the back of the house.

I would like to hope that you have to look very carefully - or certainly will when it's finished - to see the joins.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

In Service

The poor weather so far this week has had at least one compensation - it's forced Himself to retreat from the garden into the safety of his modelling den,

He's been getting on with finishing a few off jobs including final assembly of the service car 125 after it was varnished many moons ago.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Measure For Measure

I saw a discussion online recently where a young narrow gauge modeller was thrown to the lions for asking for confirmation that in OO9 4mm equalled a foot.

As one has come to expect on social media this person was mocked and condemned for their ignorance, and the lack of initiative for asking the question in a post rather than researching the answer themselves.

However it made me realise that those of us who scratch build or work from drawings on a regular basis probably take it for granted how many conversions and calculations me make as a matter of routine.

As well as scaling down the dimensions we also have to convert between metric and imperial repeatedly.

Even the scale I'm working in - 4mm - is a mix of the two.

So take, for example, a model I might decide to make of one of the FR's latest carriages.

These days they're designed using metric measurements, expressed in mm.

So my first task is to convert this to an figure in feet and inches and then scale it down and get a value based on 1 mil for each 3 inches.

(I'm not too proud to admit that a calculator is involved at this point.)

That is not the end of the process, either,  because when I come to make my model - in metric - I'm building it using styrene strips from America which are sold according to imperial sizes.

So, for example, if I need a strip to be 1mm wide (a scale 3 inches) then I need to reach for the packet with strips that are 0.40 thou of an inch thick.

It's no wonder people who are relatively new to the hobby go online in search of answers, is it?

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pulling It Apart

Having discovered the errors in the house I've just built (see the previous post) I thought the best thing would be to start the deconstruction immediately - thus avoiding any temptation to procrastinate.

There isn't that much that needs to come off because the changes that are required are mostly to add bits on.

I have managed to slice the roof sections down the middle and prise the left hand side off the upper and lower ones.

The patio door has been ripped out and a small section of wall which sat between that and the window the right has been sliced out.

It looks a bit of a mess right now, but hopefully I can cover all that up an the only people who'll know it ever happened will be you who've read this.