Monday, 27 March 2017

The Back Door

The simplest part of the house I'm building, from an architectural point of view, is the ground floor at the read which is one long piece running the whole width of the house with no strange angles or bits that jut out.

It does, however, have almost as much window as wall in it with a set of patio doors, a large window and that back door to be cut out and the frames formed behind.

This is quite a vital piece because it will form the main connection between the two distinct halves of the house so now this is ready I can start fixing bits together and it will begin to look something like a building.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Taxing Windows

The windows all have to be cut out of the blank wall pieces before any of them can be glued together.

As you can see some of them are in quite unusual positions.

Doing the job turned out to be easier than I expected, probably in part due to a brand new blade in the scalpel and perhaps a slightly softer sheet of styrene which I bought just a few weeks ago.

I have also added the strip behind to form the window frames so these are basically good to go, apart from the the sills which I will fit at a later stage.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

We Have The Technology

We've made the giant leap into 3D printing - albeit just buying in a model rather than designing or producing our own.

In this case it's a Robex model of Lilla, the Hunslet tank which has long been on our wish list.

Himself's first impressions are not just how light it is - which is not necessarily a good thing on a layout with a hill - and how it feels a little fragile. (Although to be fair he's more used to working with brass or white metal so that's not surprising.)

I have not inspected it myself yet but I know that some people have created very fine models using one of these prints so I'm very much looking forward to seeing what he does with it.

It's worth remarking, though, that once you add in the cost of buying a Minitrains 0-4-0 chassis for it to run on it doesn't work out that much cheaper than the projected price of the RTR Baldwin 4-6-0.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Blank Look

I know it may have looked as if I was never going to finishing the drawing (it was, if you will pardon the expression, a rather drawn out process) but I have now taken the first steps towards building the next house.

The first stage is to cut out the blank walls, without windows yet, for the sides which have all the tricky angles on them.

It's only when you have the pieces in your hand and can place them back to back and compare them that errors in the drawing become apparent - and there were quite a few it turned out.

The next stage is to hack out the windows which is always the most tedious bit of a building project.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Foliage Photo

There's not been a tremendous amount of work down in the last week, except for a few new trees appearing.

My day job has been rather full on with lots of fuss about some vote which may or may not happen, and with spring almost upon us Himself has been ordered out into the garden.

However he did find the time to plant a line of trees in front of the farm yard.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Not As Easy As It Looks

I've been plugging away at the plans for the new houses.

It's been slow progress at times and involved a lot of rubbing out as I wrestled with the various angles of the different roof sections and the bits of the building that stick out.

I think I have the shape of the blank walls sorted out, so all that remains before I begin cutting styrene is to mark in where the windows go.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Making Plans

Completing the Oberon Wood scene has been delayed by not having any plans for the missing houses, and my failure to pull my finger out and design them.

(I've been spoiled up until now by the beautiful works of art that used to be supplied by the Artistic Director)

However, I am slowly attempting to put matters right.

All of the houses in the estate are all different in some way or another, but as far as I can tell one of those I need to make is effectively a mirror image of one I've already done.

So what I need to do is create a reverse plan.

Yes, you're right. I could have just run the previous drawing through a photocopier or scanned and flipped it on the computer.

But we've never knowingly taken the easy way out on this project, so why start now?