Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pre-Fade Checks

I took my client's model of the 'Disco Car' 121 over to Himself's place the other day for a wee test run just to check for any snags or alterations required before it gets painted.

Here are a couple of short videos.



Monday, 23 May 2016

Carriage Kit

Some time last year the carriage works crew told me, on their word of honour, that the next two Superbarns 117 and 118 would be identical to the recently out-shopped 119.

Ignoring a lifetime's bitter experience I choose to believe them and cast the body components for another two carriages from a master I made for our model of 119.

They've been stored nice and flat in a photo album since then waiting for their time to come.

Well, with 117 in service on the railway, and my model of the Disco Car handed over to Himself for painting, I've decided that time is now.

I'm getting close the point where I feel brave enough to have a go at the new Observation Car 150 but think I should probably get at least one of these out of the way first.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Final Steps

Well, I hope they are.

I've been putting some final touches to the Disco Car 121 this week such as the footsteps and the vac pipes which run along each side beneath the frame.

They were really tricky to do because on this carriage I've made the 'frame' a strip which is attached behind the main bodyside as opposed to being an extension of the floor / chassis.

This means it somehow has to be attached to the chassis, which is removable, while giving the impression that they are firmly attached to the rest of the carriage.

I've also received a public correction (on our Bron Hebog Facebook page) for erroneous remarks I made on this blog about the various electrical connections I modelled on the end of the carriage.

I stated that some of them were part of the push-pull control system - they weren't.

It also appears that in true FR fashion they went through a number of iterations during the carriage's time in service so the pictures that I've been working from may or may not be correct, but I have failed to source any other photos which show that side of the carriage in enough detail.

My instinct tells me that this is maybe the time to do the modelling equivalent of 'publish and be dammed' and sent it into the paint shop.

Besides, I really am getting rather impatient to get on with the next project now.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Socket To Me

No one has ever gone so far as to accuse me of being a finescale modeller, and if they did I'd soon be able to show them things to disabuse them of the notion.

Over the years, though, I have developed a masochistic habit of adding smaller and smaller details to my carriage models, such as the electrical connections on the ends of the carriages.

On the push pull carriages there was a double set because of the control system running between the locomotive and the driving compartment in carriage 111.

It's quite a fiddly job but it really enhances the look of the carriage and now there are not many jobs left before I can consider construction phase finished.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pipe Quartet

Adding the vacuum pipes to a carriage is something I have to psyche myself up for.

It's not that it's an especially tricky or boring job but it does involve bonding metal to plastic with super glue which is never the most satisfying of jobs.

On the Disco Car it's twice as bad because these push-pull vehicles had two sets of brake pipes - one for running as a normal train and the other was also required to operate in push-pull mode.

I don't really feel qualified to explain it so if you'd like to know more I'll refer you to this Festipedia page.

Anyway, all that really matters is that it looks good, eh?

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Wrong Kind Of Weather

Entry number 1 from the British Rail book of excuses for not getting much modelling done.

I should explain, however, that this week the west of Scotland enjoyed what may possibly end up being its summer with days of glorious unbroken sunshine so it would have been foolish not to have made the most of it.

That's not to say that I have been completely idle.

I have glued the roof on the Disco Car which always feels like a significant moment, if for no other reason than once you've fixed it on it's very tricky to prise it off again if you discover you've overlooked something.

I've also added a few more details to the interior - not that there's very many of them - in this case the thin screens either side of the entrances to the main saloon.

The focus will move to the exterior again with the double sets of vac pipes and electrical connectors to be made and fitted.

Friday, 13 May 2016

On The Decks

My customer took umbrage last week when I described him on these pages as demanding.

Well, you can read through this post and decide for yourself!

As I have mentioned before the interior of the Disco Car is pretty much empty but there are a few fixtures which remained such as the cabinets which enclosed the gas heating gear at the top end.

These were added when the carriage was first refurbished for the push-pull train.

In Disco Car configuration the top of the low cupboard was used to support one end of the shelf upon which the DJ's decks were placed, while the other end rested on the window ledge.

Naturally my client wanted this included as part of his model and I obliged.

Was he happy? Was he hell!

Some snaps, like that above, were taken and emailed off for approval and back came a list of faults so lengthy that the only option was to rip it out and do it all again.

This time, thankfully, he was satisfied.

Customers, who'd have 'em, eh?

(Editor's note: This post is not to be taken literally)