Friday, 24 January 2020

Backwoods To The Rescue

A solution has been found for the cross head conundrum on the GWR tank engine - and it took a Backwoods kit to make it happen!

Working with no instructions, and relying on his practicality, Himself has worked out how to assemble one of the cross heads and fashioned a piston from brass wire, and it bends in all the right places.

He still has to decide which of the slide bars to use.

This was the point where another problem with the kit was revealed - there was no rear cylinder cover in which to insert the non-existent piston.

However, some rooting around in old Backwoods kit boxes revealed some spare Fairlie cylinder covers, and would you believe they are a perfect fit for a 3mm scale 42XX!

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Trouble In The Valleys

Himself is a man in need of a plan.

He reports that he was getting on well with the 3mm 2-8-0 GWR 42xx tank for the Engineering Consultant until progress ground to a halt.

Note to self: NOT a Prairie - doh!

He had the brakes attached, connecting rods made up and fitted (very fiddly) and all working.

But because the kit is shrunk from a 7mm version the cross heads and slide bars - which were white metal parts in 7mm - are too small to copy in 3mm and a common etch has been supplied in place without much guidance.

So he has some head scratching to do to find out how it goes together correctly.

As as aside, he says it makes putting together an NGG16 look like a walk in the park....

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Sitting Upright

I’ve got the last of the chairs for Gwyrfai cast, and while the ladies of the house watched a movie I was informed I would find very boring I snuck into the workroom to glue them together.

The bucket seats have a four legged base to be fixed on the bottom and most of the armchairs get put back to back, and all need a front support added as well.

The slightly fiddly job now is to fix two short piece of styrene horizontally to represent the arm rests, and then that’s them done.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Carriage Cloning

While I continue plugging away with Gwyrfai my mind is turning to the other projects I could be taking on in 2020.

If I attempt to keep pace with Boston Lodge then I’ll need to knock out another WHR saloon.

The last one I made was 2047 and 2048 is already well under construction in Wales.

Unlike the Super Barns, for which I have resin casting moulds at the ready, I’m still making these from scratch in styrene.

The other major gap in our carriage roster is the replica of Ashbury tourist / bogie quarrymans carriage 22.

That’s an easy hit with a scratch aid kit from Worsley Works.

Plenty to be getting on with.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Steady Progress

Casting of the interior parts for Gwyrfai continues steadily.

I’ve managed to get a couple of sets cast each day.

The bucket seats for the front are almost done but I’ve got a way to go with the armchairs.

I need 16 in total and before they can be fitted I have to make the arms from pieces of styrene and glue them all on.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Where It Begins

Now that Christmas guests have long-since departed the spare room at Himself's can return to its role as the training ground for the next generation.

Being something of a hoarder, like myself, he still has a large collection of OO stock amassed through the 70s and 80s before I was responsible for diverting our attention to modelling the FR, and the rest, as they say is history.

Once upon a time all this was part of an extensive loft layout complete with multiple aspect signalling.

Back in those days we were content to use SuperQuick card buildings and tarting up ready to models with a bit of paint detailing was as far as our modelling went.

It was a far cry from scratch building stock and assembling intricate brass loco kits, but it seeded a lifetime interest in model railways for me.

Many people would be rather sniffy about things like these old Lima models now - some of them are still used as the basis for Hornby's Railroad range - but if you're going to be playing about on carpet like this (never recommended of course...) then there's nothing better.

I was also reminded how once upon a time I raided a couple of Pullman cars for the table lamps for our Bodysgallen model....

Friday, 10 January 2020

Seating Production

I’ve begun casting the seats from the new moulds for the interior of Gwyrfai.

These are quite tricky to cast perfectly.

The tiny legs of the armchairs are very liable to trap tiny air bubbles which have to be chased out with a cocktail stick before it cures - it’s not always possible to get all of them out in time.

Fortunately, the armchairs - which are the most numerous of these pieces - are the most reliable to cast.