Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pic Of The Week 10

Light. It's funny stuff isn't it?

David Lloyd George is a chameleon-like locomotive which has a very different appearance depending upon the conditions in which you view it, and our model is much the same.

Getting the colour right was a big challenge.

Some times I'm not at all sure we succeeded, but then when I see Chris Nevard's picture I'm pretty pleased with the shade we plumped for.

I think the real locomotive's hue is best described as Heinz Tomato Soup, whereas what we ended up with on this Backwoods model is more like the Strathclyde PTE orange livery of blessed memory around the area where I live.

We were conscious when choosing the colour of the convention of painting models a shade lighter than the prototype. Some people even advocate using dark grey in place of black at all times.

However I do wonder whether DLG is the exception to this rule.

What do you think?


  1. Looks really good to me and there are times, (although not just lately!)when I see David LG almost every day. I did rather like the new(ish) overall red of the Glasgow buses, but then I still hark back to The SELNEC "sun glow orange" period, which perhaps invalidates my judgement...

    I agree with the idea that colours should be slightly faded, and this model is perfect as it looks totally believable. I always feel that black locos look like lumps of treacle when painted "black" black, whereas dark grey seems to enhance the detail and feeling of weight. JMHO of course :-)

  2. 3 Words - Railmatch Weathered Black

    and Humbrol 147 for white too...

  3. The DLG has faded alot since it was painted in the early 90's. I have some of the original paint at the Works and its far darker than it is now. I dare say it will come out in a different colour after its 10 year rebuild.

  4. I have a tin of Precision Paints DLG red, which is presumably matched to the original, & it's pretty much indian red.

  5. The colour was certainly not indian red. We use that on the windows of the carriages.

  6. Glenn - midnight blue? You know it makes sense!!

  7. Midnight Blue....that would look soooo nice....