Friday, 15 March 2013

Tool Van

With so much commercial kit production going on recently I've rather been neglecting model making for Bron Hebog.

So I've decided to put that right with a small project which usefully utilises the fruits of my resin casting sideline.

It is the WHR Tool Van.

This mobile lock-up was built by volunteers on top of a flat DZ wagon - number 2002 I think - and so I've got a big head start on this project.

There are quite a few photographs of it on the web and an excellent side on view in the FR / WHR Stock Book from which I should easily be able to extrapolate the dimensions of the van bit from the known dimensions of a DZ wagon chassis.

As ever, progress reports will be forthcoming here.


  1. Dont its in line for a full overhaul and change


  2. Marcus - isn't everything on our railways?? anyways, Bron Hebog is set in the days of a grey Garratt and a black Lyd, so it will fit in fine.

  3. Everything gets overhauled and slightly changed over the years. Not modeling something because it's about to be overhauled is just an excuse not to model it!

  4. Huw and Colin are dead right. If you based your modelling decisions on whether or not something was going to be changed you would never, ever, model the FR!