Monday, 24 September 2012

Ballast Wagon Kit

So I've started work on my second resin kit project.

The follow up to the DZ wagons is going to be the NG Y ballast wagons, of which there are two on the WHR.

I've begun by tackling the master for the main side section of the kit. Here is progress after a couple of hours at the workbench.

Designing a kit, especially one that you intend to produce in an open-backed mould is a very interesting challenge.

It's quite a different approach to scratch building and you might say more akin to reverse engineering.

You have to be able to imagine the complete model and break it down into the least number of constituent parts.

So whereas when I scratchbuilt these wagons for Bron Hebog I began by making up the hopper and the frame separately before joining them together and adding the second level of details like the U channel straps, the sensible way to tackle making a casting master is to make up the largest flat piece you can.

In this case it means attaching the side of the hopper to the frame at the outset and adding on all the surface details an an early stage.

I will post further updates as the work progresses.


  1. Put us down for some of those too!


  2. Two for me too! Do you have any sort of eta on this kit?

  3. Oh yes I can see myself with one of these too Rob :)