Sunday, 2 September 2012

DZ (b)

I've completed the body for my variant DZ wagon.

This is the wagon (1412 if you're a DZ spotter) which has been given a Boston Lodge makeover and many new bits including removable ends, a different type of pillar between the doors, new vacuum pipe placement and a replacement hand brake operating device. And those are just the differences I've noticed!.

You'll see there is quite a lot of white styrene on this model which is because it's not really possible to cast some of the new parts in an open-back mould, and my resin casting skills haven't advanced as far as two- part moulds yet.

That is why I'm building this as a one off for Bron Hebog and will confine kit production to the 'standard' DZ (as if there was such a thing....) the component parts of which can be cast without having to add bits on by hand afterwards.

You might also notice that there are a couple of  'wee dangly bits' missing, and not the same ones on each side either.

This is just another example of how the FR / WHR delights in keeping us modellers on our toes.

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