Saturday, 8 September 2012

DZ (c)

Not another DZ wagon? I'm afraid so.

This is the third and final one (for now) for Bron Hebog.

1403 is different again from the other two I've already built in that it runs about with no ends and no 'wee dangly bits' at all.

The pillars between the doors are the same as the b type I showed you at the weekend, so I cast the sides using the same mould before chopping off the WDB's and adding the posts at each end in styrene strip.

It is still short of the brake gear - currently being etched by the nice man at Narrow Planet - and I've got vacuum brake pipes and hoses to make up too.

I said at the begining that this is the third and final DZ for Bron Hebog.

This is on account of the fact I'm not actually sure how many DZ's the WHR actually has and in what condition they are in?

I do have evidence about the existance of these three wagons and what they look like so we shall limit our fleet to these until I get information about others.

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