Friday, 5 July 2013

Saddle Up

Bits of Welsh Pony are starting to come together now.

The saddle tank and the main frame, which you've seen on here in recent days, have now been joined by the outline of the smokebox, complete with the distinctive weights that the England engines wore at the front to stop them performing wheelies as they worked in the Vale of Ffestiniog.

And weight is indeed an issue with this kit.

One thing that has become apparent during construction so far is that because it is mainly composed of etched brass parts it's not very heavy.

As Himself has not started work on the chassis yet is is hard to know how much space there will be inside to add weight but he will have to stuff it in where ever he can.

I'm hoping that smokebox is hollow and the motor won't fill too much of the saddle tank.

Perhaps whitemetal figures for the crew in the cab will be in order too?


  1. My inner rivet counter is screaming that Welsh Pony has split weights in front of the smokebox...

    1. Himself has taken note of your comments and is going to attempt to fake something up. He is not, however, about to attempt to remove the existing weight as it will apparently b*gger everthing up.

  2. Glenn Williams7 July 2013 at 20:47

    I hope that the dome cover is going to be wonky too. It seems to have been all thru the 20's and 30's i.e. when it ran on the WHR and Bron Hebog.

  3. Glenn, the project management team have discussed the dome issue during our last conference call but Himself has declared, and I quote: "I don't make wonky models!" So that appears to be the end of the matter.