Monday, 15 July 2013

It Fits!

In a manner not unlike Prince Charming's search for the girl who's foot would fit the glass slipper I can annouce to the world that I have finally found the etched hood which fits perfectly over the brake cylinder on my NGY ballast wagon, and thus the final piece of the jisgaw that is this 009 resin kit is complete.

It was indeed third time lucky with the latest test etch from Narrow Planet so it now looks as if we as good to go ahead with production of the kit.

The process has taken far longer than I ever anticipated - about 9 months now I reckon - however it's a great feeling to finally get all the componet designs signed off.

Alas the production rate of the kit will not be as high as I would wish, mainly for season reasons.

Family summer holidsys and the like get in the way at this time year and until this silly heatwave the UK is experiencing moves on it is not wise to attempt any resin casting - the stuff will cure too quickly in the moulds before you can make sure it has flowed into all the surface details and tease out any air bubbles.

However as I live on the west coast of Scotland I can be pretty confident that cooler conditions are just around the corner, surely?

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  1. looking good! can you advise of prices for your kits and if they are available direct?



    dsherwoodjones (at)