Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pony's Missing Pieces

Himself has received a new fret from Mercian Models with the bits which were missing from our England engine kit.

As you can see it's quite a big piece of brass and a very complicated etch. (click on the image if you want a closer look)

Some of most crucial missing bits were the main frames which you can see at the top right.

They have been designed to make both a Small England with a 4'6 wheelbase and the later Large type with a 5' wheelbase which is why there are 2 holes on the right hand side of each frame.. You apparently fill in the hole you don't require.


You might also note there seem to be more than enough coupling and connecting rods to make more than one engine.

Once again two different lengths are provided for the different design of engines, but also there are double the amount there because you are required to laminate them due to the brass being so thin.

Once again this looks, erm, interesting.

We will, as ever, keep you posted.

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