Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Shrink To Fit

I've got another building to build for Bron Hebog. Or, to be more accurate, a building to re-build.

This detached double garage is part of the Oberon Wood development.

It sits next to the two houses I have already built. Anyone taking the footpath towards the footbridge across the cutting will have had to pass by it.

It was made a couple of years ago to some rough dimensions worked out by Himself.

However we have discovered that it does not match with the houses designed by the Artistic Director - it would appear to have been built to a somewhat larger scale.

So my mission is to design and make a slightly smaller one, ideally in time for us taking Bron Hebog to show in Dinas Goods Shed on the WHR in September.

It's a relatively simple structure so the chances are good.

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