Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pony Trap

Some developments to report in our struggle to mechanize our Welsh Pony kit.

You will recall our Mercian Models kit was saddled with a gearbox and motor which didn't fit, and no chassis frames to attempt to mount them in anyway.

Trevor, from Mercian has been in touch promising to send the missing etches and offering to put us in touch with other modellers who have successfully completed the kit.

It will be fascinating to find out how much they had to adapt it to make it work.

We have also had an offer of assistance from Brian Madge, who has recently brought some Quarry Hunslet kits to the market - we used one for our replacement Britomart - who has suggested ways one of his belt drive design chassis might be adapted to fit the bodyshell.

We'll update you all when we've decided how to proceed.

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