Monday, 1 July 2013

Tiny Shiny Things

I have been plugging away at the trio of ballast wagon kits I am completing for a client.

Since the last update on them here I have been adding the ballast door mechanisms.

This is perhaps the most delicate part of the kit construction process but I hope most buyers will find it eminently doable as long as you take your time and don't try to rush it.

What it involves is threading four cogs and two hangers onto a length of 0.7mm brass wire, one by one, and fixing them in position with the tiniest drop of superglue at the appropriate spot at the edges of each of the ballast chute doors.

The whole assembly is then fixed in place on the wagon with another few drops of glue.

Perhaps a picture explains it better than words.

As you can see there are two separate shafts on each side - so four to be done on each wagon.

The parts are very small so it does take a considerable amount of focus - both in the metal sense and in terms of giving the eyeballs a work out, so prefer to break the task up and do just one, or perhaps two, shafts in each session at the workbench.

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