Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Garden Design

There's been a degree of educated guesswork involved in landscaping the gardens of the three new houses on the layout.

We don't have many good pictures to work with from our research trips because a) it's not really the done thing to tramp into peoples' gardens unsolicited and start taking pictures - they tend to get a little alarmed - and b) the sides of Goat Cutting as so steep that it was out of the question to scramble up and take a peek over the fences.

So Himself has made a working assumption that the three houses have all got a patio of some degree and there is also a lawn.

(Which all seems quite reasonable to me)

Having created the basic shape of the land with chicken wire it is covered in a layer or two of Modroc.

Apologies to those modernists among you who find this technique distressingly traditional.

At the front of the houses there are some small areas of grass bank and rockery which have to be created in a similar manner.

Once the Modroc is set is is treated to a coating of plaster - horrors!

You can also see from this shot from above that the final shape of the roadway in the cul de sac has been formed and styrene kerb stones fixed in place.

Now we go away and find something else to do while this all dries...


  1. When you get to the bungalow at No.28 or are in the area give us a shout as my daughter says she will be quite happy for you to check measurements and details. Either her or my son-in-l aw are almost bound to be at Dinas at some point in September as my 4 year old grand daughter is train crazy. Will tell them to introduce themselves.

    Phil Traxson

  2. You've probably already tried, but in case you haven't, there is a reasonable birds eye view of the gardens on Google Earth. probably about the right era too as the big conifer in front of the end houses is still there, I noticed when I visited in May that it has been removed!!