Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Lower Deck

More progress on the revised fiddle yards with the track being laid on the lower level - the Porthmadog end of the layout.

Most of it is in position except for a couple of Y points which have still to be obtained.

The layout is not a mirror image of the upper end and the changes affect the shorter sidings.

This is due to the long sidings being towards the front at this end of the layout so by the time the fan of points has reached the back of the yard it has eaten into the space available for the short sidings.

As a result the furthest away road will not have a run round facility but will have an isolating section at the end and the train will have to depart before the incoming locomotive can be released.

Himself has also added an extra siding off the 3rd of the long ones which may well end up getting used to stable the Engineering Consultant's bridge inspection train!

Across the middle section of the yard the arrangement of the long sidings is identical top and bottom.

Himself has also made up the control panel at the bottom end and added all the switches and tape for the diagram.

The two blue lines at the right hand side will be for loco stabling.

Now it's time to turn it over, fit all the point motors and wire it up!

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