Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Odd Couple

I've done all I'm going to do on 11 & 12 - now they're going to be sent off for Himself to add the finishing touches including glazing, an underframe on 12 and, of course, paint.

(Oh, and the small matter of bogies!)

At one time these carriages were identical, starting off as luggage vans, but over time they've ended up looking very different with 11 undergoing major cosmetic surgery and 12 having a radical operation to stretch it.

Now they're very much the odd couple.

My 12 now has an interior which was quite straightforward to make and fit.

Both carriages have also had their footsteps added and the electrical connections.

(I'll let Himself add the vac pipes because he makes them better than me.

11 has also had the handrails fitted at the back which are in place of the standard FR corridor connections.

Whether they will be finished in time for Bron Hebog appearing at the WHR Superpower event in September remains to be seen.

All I know is it's out of my hands now.

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