Sunday, 20 April 2014

Squirty Cream

I've progressed onto painting the batch of Super Barns I've been working on for the last few weeks.

I make no secret that I'm trying to cut corners wherever I can on this project. So as well as resin casting many of the carriage components I'm going to try spray painting some of the colours to see if I can speed up what is normally a very long and drawn out process.

The colour I've chosen to spray is the cream section of the two tone WHR livery.

Because I don't own an airbrush it's not an option to spray the red because it's a shade I mix myself blending equal amounts of scarlet and crimson. I can also buy an aerosol can of cream enamel spray off the shelf, so that's what I'm doing first.

I'm also taking the precaution of masking off as much of the lower (red) bodysdie as I can because, as I explained in a post a few days ago, I hope another one of my shortcuts will prove to be using red oxide as the shade of primer in the expectation it will reduce the number of coats of red I need to brush on.

With my usual grey primer a carriage can need as many as three.

So here's the carriage after a couple of coats of the cream spray which cured within a few minutes allowing both sides to completed within a single evening session.

Here, with the masking tape removed, the effect is already quite convincing and it looks as if my cunning plan might just work!


  1. Rob, what make of cream enamel do you use?

    1. For brush painting normally bog-standard Humbrol. We've also been known to use Railmatch and Precision Paints as well.

  2. You can get spray cans mixed at Halfords. If they can't manage it, ask who the local bodyshop buys paint from - they WILL be able to mix the exact shade if you take a sample along.

    1. Interesting info. Probably not worth it in this case as the time / money / effort expended on getting a mixed shade made up would be cancelled out by the time / effort in masking off the cream areas. Still quicker and easier to apply subsequent colours with a brush I reckon.