Friday, 4 April 2014

Please Drink Responsibly

And what could be more responsible than recycling your beer can as part of a model?

Indeed, I have been even more responsible this time in that I have perfected my cutting technique so have have been able to get all 3 roofs out of around 2/3 of a can which I had left over from the first batch of Super Barns.

(Please note: this is no endorsement of a particular brand of pseudo-Belgian lager - the stuff we buy here is brewed in the UK - other beverages are available. You just have to ensure it's a pint sized can to get enough length for a Super Barn)

I have also refined the way I fit the roofs.

On the first batch I first glued the curved can section onto the flat styrene false ceiling before fixing this in place on the bodyshell.

Now having discovered how surprisingly rigid the thin can skin is I glued the flat false ceiling in place on the top of the carriage body first and then super-glued the metal on top.

I have also done without the strengthening piece of styrene along the spine of the roof.

I think they're about ready to paint now.

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