Saturday, 26 April 2014

More Stone Walls

There is work going on at more than one location on Bron Hebog at the moment.

As well as the progress landscaping the latest house in the Oberon Wood estate, which I posted about a couple of days ago, Himself has also been adding some of the stone walls at the back of the layout around Cutting Mawr.

The product we use for stone walls is these plaster units produced by Ten Commandments which we've found to be very adaptable even on a very uneven landscape such as the one we're modelling.

Himself spent some of his spare time on his recent volunteering trip to Wales doing some final research in this area to try to ensure we have these walls in roughly the correct position relative to the embankment and the cutting.

He's now waiting for the plaster to harden fully around the big rocks in the cutting before finishing painting the basic scenery, and then adding the small scenic rocks and rubbish, then finally ballasting the track.

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