Monday, 27 July 2015

Inlets & Outlets

I've spent the last few details beginning to add the essential details to the water tank wagon, such as the filler and the platform on the top and the two outlets on either end where Fireman Sam connects his hoses should it ever be required at a lineside incident.

The platform is a tricky little piece fabricated from styrene strip with etched brass mesh on top.

It was very flimsy and delicate while it was being made and didn't stand up to handling well, but now it's glued in place on the top with the mesh attached it is seems to be more solid. Lets hope it stands up to the rigours of service at model railway exhibitions.

I have also dug out my trusty resin rivet transfer sheets to add the detailing along the frame.

There are also half a dozen grab handrails to be fitted along the frame before the chassis and tank are painted - still as separate units.

Only when they are painted and finally glued together will I be adding the ladders on either side.

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