Monday, 13 July 2015

Working On The Water Tank Wagon

The time has come to make a determined effort to finish the water tank wagon.

I cast the DZ chassis a while back and many months ago I got my hands on a length of 22mm plastic tube for the main body of the tank.

What's been holding the project back - aside from all the other things I've been building - is the lack of something to use for the ends of the tank.

My idea all along has been to borrow from this legendary plastic kit.

You may recognise it as the Kitmaster / Airfix / Dapol oil tank wagon which has been around since the year dot.

We had a fleet of them when we used to model OO standard gauge.

The advantage is that the tank ends are separate parts which are ideal to be re-sized for the smaller diameter of the new WHR water tank.

The first step is to employ my trusty circle cutter.

As you can see from this pic of a trial run I've cut it a smidgeon on the large side so the edges can be filed down further to give it a nicely rounded profile where they join onto the tube.

My plan is to cut one disc and use it as a master to cast copies.

There's not a lot more I can do until the mould is ready.

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