Friday, 31 August 2012

Now That's Customer Service!

It's lovely to be able to sing the praises of a trader who has provided exceptional customer service.

You may remember me blogging last week about my latest purchase - a Brian Madge kit for a cabless Quarry Hunslet - and our plans to attempt to transform it into a new model of Britomart.

I mentioned that Britomart wears a later design of frames with a flat bottom at the firebox end as opposed to the upward slope on the earlier Alice class engines.

Completely unbidden, Brian milled a replacement set of frames to the new design as well as a replacement footplate and buffer beams of the correct profile for the adopted FR engine.

And do you know the really remarkable thing?

He did this all completely free of charge.

It's some of the best service I've ever come across and Brian will definitely be getting repeat business from us in future, not just for additional Quarry Hunslets but for some of his bespoke chassis too.

1 comment:

  1. Get me a set of them! Done the real one, need a model to start the railway at the new gaff! Robco.