Friday, 17 August 2012

Mass Production

I've been busy with the casting resin in the last couple of days and here is the result; the first batch of DZ wagon body parts.

There are enough bits for 5 bodyshells here. Some of the casts are just fresh from the moulds and are still wearing their big skirts of excess resin which gets squeezed out at the sides when the back-flattening sheet is applied.

The good thing about casting is that it is only a five minute job to mix up some resin and pour it in the mould and then you can get on with something else while it cures, which means you can fit it around other household chores such as supervising 5 year old daughters.

I'm pretty pleased with how these have turned out. Swishing a cocktail stick around the resin straight after it is poured is resulting in casts which are  99% air bubble-free, and those that do crop up can be easily sorted with a wee bit of Milliput.

Once the bogies, brake wheels and gubbins which are being etched for me by Narrow Planet are ready I can get them on the market properly.

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