Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tube Train

It's mostly wee bits and pieces which are left on the KMX tamper now, except for the big matter of the roof which I'm going to sub-contract out to Himself.

Just because they're smaller doesn't necessarily mean they're quick though.

These air tanks which live under the cab floor took an hour to make and fit.

I make them using a length of styrene tube. It then has a square piece of sheet glued onto either end. Once the bond is solid it is trimmed as much as possible with the scalpel and then finished with a file and emery paper, rounding off the shoulders at each end.

Finally at each end I curled a very thin strip of styrene around it - clamping the ends together with the tip of the tweezers - and running glue all around it. Sometimes the strip will snap when it's being bent around or when the glue hits it, but you always get there in the end with a bit of perseverance.

I did the same with some smaller diameter, single ended ones, beneath the other cab.

(Single ended only because you can't see the other end on the model, that is)

Another job to be ticked off was converting the trailing bogie from the Kato shorty chassis so that it can be secured with a 10BA bolt.

Yes, you've guessed it, another use found for Evergreen tubing. It's handy stuff to have in stock.

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