Monday, 29 June 2020

Harnessing The Pony

Wasn't it marvellous to see Welsh Pony move for the first time in 80 years at the weekend!

As one of those who was a regular contributor to the fundraising effort over the last seven years I was delighted to see the dream I've had since childhood become reality.

Our Pony has been waiting patiently for the real one to catch up and now we can finally see how it's going to look Himself has begun adding some of the final details, such as the handrails on the tanks and the smokebox, and the blower pipe which runs along the clock side of the tank.

He's also stripped the locomotive so he can begin painting the frames black.

You may be wondering why you can't see any evidence of the worm gear or a motor?

That's because thanks to the unique (!) design of the 'unbuildable' Mercian kit the motor and worm are trapped inside the water tank!

While the real engine will be put through its paces in its deep brown running in colour ours will stay in primer until the final lined FR livery is applied, expected next year.

Oh well, we've waited long enough, a few more months won't hurt.

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  1. Looking good , I guess a bodyshell does make for an unusual motor mount but you seem to have cracked it .