Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Extension

This is the other half of the house I showed you at the weekend.

As you will see it is the most complex half of the building.

The Oberon Wood development was built in the wacky style of the 60s and 70s and the properties have many bits that stick out or are arranged at a jaunty angle.

This is how the halves are going to look when they are joined together.  This is the view from the back, or, if you perfer to orientate yourself this way, from the train in Goat Cutting.

And this is from the front where there is the road access to the houses.

Although it may look like it now the upper storey is not suspended in the air in this fashion. There is an entrance porch to be built underneath which will support it, but it is faced with stone and that's going to take a lot of scratching with a sharp tool to replicate in styrene and I've yet to get around to that yet.

At first glance the buildings look pretty complete but in reality there is a huge amount still to do to complete them.
It is satisfying, though, to see such substantial progress early on.
I shall be taking the house down south in a couple of weeks to check it in position on Bron Hebog to ensure we're happy with the design and the scaling of the buildings before I crack on with the second one.

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  1. You're very brave, building in that thickness of styrene. I would get through a great many stanley blades! It's looking good, though - looking forward to more progress.