Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pic Of The Week 12

It's downhill all the way as we approach the end of this series of pictures from Chris Nevard's shoot for Model Rail magazine.

This one shows our gravity train descending the spiral.

In a still shot like this it's much easier to spot where the motive power comes from than it is when the waggons are running on the layout.

They are a mix of Parkside Dundas 2 ton and 3 ton kits.

The loads were made the hard way with hundreds of small pieces of rectangular styrene glued together in neat blocks to fit inside the waggons.

This is an authentic scene because on very special occasions gravity trains are run from the summit of the Deviation route behind the power station at Tanygrisiau.

The Bron Hebog team were honoured to be invited to ride one of the trains from Dduallt down to Porthmadog a number of years ago.

It was a fantastic experience, and the journey up behind Palmerston was wonderfully authentic and atmospheric as well.

If you too love the unique spectacle of the FR's gravity trains then please consider making a contribution to the FR Society's Waggon Tracks appeal to provide covered accommodation for these these humble Victorian relics so they can continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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