Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Scrap Building

It's true what they say - there really is a market for everything. Even for my casting catastrophes.

A few days ago one of my regular Boston Largs Works clients, who is building a model of the South African NG, wrote to ask if I had any reject castings he could obtain to make some models of scrap wagons.

He was in luck.

Being a natural hoarder I do keep aside most of the casts that go wrong. Often it is possible to slice bits from them to graft onto other imperfect examples and make one good one from two bad ones.

This wagon floor was beyond hope because of a gigantic air bubble that developed beneath the perspex sheet that sits on top of the mould to give it a smooth top and I don't know why I kept hold of it rather than putting it straight in the bin...

For whatever reason I did keep hold of it, and when the customer told me he was looking to have wagons positioned with vegetation growing out of them I realised I would be able to find a use for it after all.

I also have some dodgy B wagon sides and ends in the scrap pile and I've been able to gather enough bits to make up 2 wagons which have had their central doors removed.

A quick blast from a can of red oxide primer and these will be done, ready to be sent down south to be distressed further by their new owner.

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