Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pic Of The Week 9

For my 500th post I can think of nothing better than one of the best pictures of our layouts I have ever seen.

Chris Nevard took this exquisite shot of the Ladies Linda and Blanche in the woods at the back of the sprial on Dduallt.

It shows off the stunning Backwoods kits and the lovely painting and lining job by Himself perfectly.

Indeed, I am given to understand that this shot was considered as a possible cover image for Model Rail when Dduallt was featured back in December, but a standard gauge, 00 subject was chosen instead.


  1. It's a shame they played it safe, this would have made a great cover and I would have bought the mag instead of putting it back on the shelves!

  2. Absolutely beautiful shot by Chris - but the modelling is second to none as well!