Friday, 29 March 2013

Mock The Wagon

I've begun work on the WHR tool van.

As I have no measurement for the van part of the wagon I've had to work it out from photographs using the known dimensions of the DZ wagon chassis on which it sits as the starting point.

Because my maths skills are not the most reliable I started out cutting the blank pieces for one side and end to see if they looked as if they are reasonably right size when mounted on a flat wagon.

I have concluded they are acceptable, so I shall give myself permission to press on with the project.

You may notice that the frames on the wagon chassis are very plain.

This is because I have used pieces of plain styrene rather than the cast sides that come with the DZ flat wagon kit which have the remains of various hinges and brackets attached to them.

The tool van chassis had most of these gas-axed off when it was converted, except for a few at the platform end of it.

I had intended to shave and file these details from the castings but soon realised it would be far simpler to add a few details to plain sides than attempt to remove lots of them from fully detailed ones.

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