Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Completing The Set

They've been delayed by quite a few months, but finally I've received the etches for the carriages we need to finish our WHHR set.

These are Worsley Works 'scratch aid' kits for the two Ashbury carriages at Gelert's Farm - the NWNGR corridor carriage replica and the ex-WHR 'Buffet Carriage', which is a cut down version of the same type.

As is the way with Worsley kits all you get are the etches for the body and floor - no roof or bogies - and you don't get the luxury of instructions of any kind either.

Fortunately for us, Himself is very proficient at solving these puzzles, and if we get a following wind it's perhaps just possible that we might be able to get them ready to run on Bron Hebog when it's on show at the end of October, to recreate Russell's recent historic runs to Beddgelert.

Except ours will probably venture a little further up the hill towards Rhyd Ddu….

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