Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lyd Latest

As promised some pictures on the latest progress with 'Lyd'.

This model of the FR/WHR's new toy is being built from a Backwoods Miniatures kit.

It'll be a pure-bred Backwoods with no Grafar chassis grafted on as other respected 009 Manning Wardle modellers have done.

And in response to some questions from readers I can confirm that it is being modelled with the cut-down cab profile for operating over the FR.

An early observation from the builder (Himself - not me) is that the kit (for an original L&B loco) differs from the modern replica in the bunker area. 'Lyd' has coal rails on both sides but as you can see from the pictures the kit only has them on the left (as you look from the cab) so something's going to have to be done about that.

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