Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dirty Pretty Thing

I did promise something special later this week, and here it is. Himself has been busy weathering the KMX tamper.

I particularly like the way there is a variation in the amount of dirt and grime on the various bits and pieces , with the tamper head and the aligning gubbins getting the heaviest treatment, and some particularly effective work on those little wheel things. (Blinding you with science, now, eh?)

It also has the Festiniog & Welsh Highland crests applied at each end. There are a number of other notices and warning signs on the real thing which we 'may' be able to produce using photos and DIY transfer paper.

It's been sprayed with matt varnish (unlike most of our models which get finished in satin) as befits a hard working p-way machine. The roof, which is a separate sub-assembly, will be getting some light weathering, there is still the glazing to fit along with some headlight jewels and windscreen wipers as well.

And there's also the wiring and hydraulic looms to be attached on one side. But its definitely getting there and I hope these pictures might help convince some of you to visit Railex next month and witness the tamper's debut on Dduallt.

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