Saturday, 5 January 2019

Picking Up

Hopefully next week should see the resumption of work on our new Garratt 143.

Himself was taken out of service a few weeks before Christmas for a motion overhaul - having his clock side connecting rod replaced - and the fitter insisted on a six week spell of running in before he could be put back into traffic.

Now he feels ready to sit at the workbench again and finish off the construction work on the kit.

You'll remember that the mechanical work on the bogies had been completed, but they hadn't had their pick ups fitted yet, so that'll be one of the first jobs so it can be put through its paces properly.

On the main boiler unit the outstanding jobs are to fit all the handrails, fix on the chimney and the smokebox door, and the clips which secure the cab roof.

So long as he doesn't drop any bits on the floor while he's doing this we'll be fine.....

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