Saturday, 15 June 2019


Himself has been giving the Gravity Train some TLC ahead of the exhibition in Perth at the end of this month.

At the previous show in Troon we had a couple of rather impressive pile-ups at the bottom of the spiral, the cause of which we eventually traced to 2-ton waggon with ageing wheel centres which were moving on their axle.

Himself was also anxious to finish exchanging all the original BEMO couplings for the rather less bulky Greenwich type.

Having done this he did a little bit of research and re-marshalled the train into what he assures me is the correct order for braked / unbraked 2 ton / 3 ton waggons on the present day demonstration gravity train, and marked them underneath accordingly so the train can be put away in the correct order in the stock box.

I'm not going to double check this and shall take his word for it, because it's getting dangerously close to rivet counting as far as I'm concerned.

The more important thing is that he has done some test running and tells me that it is running very sweetly downhill through the points now, which may, or may not, be less entertaining for the punters in Perth in a couple of weeks.

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