Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Crimson Sandwich

Today's update is posted a little later that I would like, time seems to be running away with me this week...

Anyway, better late than never I've got a pretty picture of progress with painting 130.

Both the front and rear bunkers and tanks are fully lined out, and you can see that Himself has had a go at creating something to represent the SAR headlights with their LED fittings.

The bogies are without their pony wheels which have been removed for painting on their own.

The boiler unit will have to wait until we see all the plumbing in place on the front of the cab on the real one, which really shouldn't be too much longer now.

There's also the question of whether the cladding on the cylinders will get painted and lined as per the published designs.

We're sticking to our rule of never second-guessing the railway so we've left ours in a neutral black for now...

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