Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hello there!

Welcome to the Bron Hebog blog. I reckoned it was about time our project had a presence online, so here we are.

With 'Dduallt' in semi-retirement and 'Bron Hebog' still a long way from completion we haven't had many opportunities recently to show our models off in the real world, so it's time to go virtual!

The embryonic 'Bron Hebog' had its first outings in 2009 at the Porthmadog show and also at Warley at the NEC. For those who haven't seen it yet, it's a contemporary 009 model of Beddgelert station on the rebuilt Welsh Highland Railway.

But, when it's complete, our model will also include the S bends behind the station, the full length of Goat Tunnel and the line towards Cemetery Crossing. That's why we've called it 'Bron Hebog' and not just 'Beddgelert'(which has been done many times anyway).

The layout's being built in Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire, (by David Waller, Francis Gomme and Rob Cooper) but I live 400 miles away in Ayrshire. So this blog will be more about the rolling stock and buildings which are my major contribution to the project.

I'm still making plenty of FR models as well so I'll be posting updates about them too.

I hope you enjoy reading about what I'm up to.


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