Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Factory Line

Here's a snap of the first products on the BHSS (Bron Hebod Scratchbuilding Services) production line. 2 WHR Ballast Wagons destined for Colin Lea's Rhyd Ddu layout.

What you see here is about three and a half hours work. They've come together rather more quickly to this stage than my own models did, but then that's always the way with prototypes and production versions.

Of course, making two doesn't necessarily take twice as long as building one. Although you do have to do all the cutting twice a lot of time is used up searchng for the right size of plasticard strip, locating lost tools and scratching your head wondering how you did this bit the last time.

If I was any good at advanced mathematics I could turn it into a neat little formula - but I'm not so I can't!

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