Thursday, 29 July 2010

In The Paintshop...

Some shots of 87 in the process of receiving its photographic grey livery.


  1. very nice indeed.

    the smokebox end of the water tank is very different on 87 compared with the b/w kit, looks like we've both decided to give that mod a miss! To be fair you can hardly see it, and only someone with serious knowledge would spot it!

    word is 143 is going into DLG red! didn't see that one coming.

  2. very nice loco,

    I came here via your gallery picture on RMweb but will be coming back for more updates :)

  3. Hi RJR, nice to have you along, thanks for the compliments. I know we're getting visitors from around the world and it would be lovely if some of our other readers could introduce themselves.

    Colin: I'm surprised at that rumour about 143 - a couple of years ago I read it would be staying in SAR black because it was the last NGG16 made.