Sunday, 11 July 2010


While I wait for the etched brass wheels to finish off the ballast wagons I thought you might to read a little about what else is going on and future plans.

Well, I'm working flat out on some DZ wagons for a client. To check out progress take a look at my Boston Largs Works blog. (Link on the right hand side of the page)

Down south, the other half of the team is busy on a second NGG16. The Backwoods kit is being adapted to represent number 87 and it's intended to turn it out in the works grey which the loco ran with in 2009.

I'm also hoping he'll find time soon to knock up a brass roof for the KMX tamper so I can make more progress on that. Here's a shot of it taken on the layout at Warley last year.

On the layout more work is planned on the 'bridge to nowhere' - the arched bridge over the Beddgelert to Tremadog road built for the planned PB&SSR. The stone detail's now being added to the wooden base structure which was knocked up for the Warley appearance.

Our artistic director Francis is also going to be busy drawing up plans for me to make models of the farmhouse at Cwm Cloch and the Oberon Wood housing development at the south end of the station.

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  1. Hi Rob, the KMX tamper looks really good, i was at 'the dark side' (Dinas) last Thursday and Friday, removing the four arms that holds the tynes. From my 'up close' look, that really does look the part! nice work.