Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Big Barn Farm

My work schedule has conspired against much modelling getting done in the last week. Most of the time I have had has been given over to another outside contract - a model of the FR observation carriage 100. You can read about progress on that over on the Boston Largs Works blog.

The slow painting of the cherry picker continues. Just some of the finer details remain to be touched in now.

Down south the tamper roof is completed and the Kato chassis has been wired up and tested. Apparently it goes like a rocket, but unusually combines this with good slow speed performance as well. Clever, those Japanese....

So in the absence of anything more interesting to report, dear reader, I thought I'd share a couple of pretty pictures with you.

This is the big modern barn from Bron Hebog which you may recall me blogging about a few weeks ago. The model was researched and made before we discovered the farmer has recently added an extension.

The original plan was for me to take the scalpel to it and graft on an extra section. After some reflection on this and other changes at Beddgelert for the 2010 season we decided to leave the layout frozen in 2009 condition.

The model has been returned to me with a view to making the changes and had been languishing in a box on the shelf. A few weeks ago I realised I still had it and took these snaps before sending it once more back to Oxforshire.

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