Friday, 10 September 2010


A few months ago I decided to try to complete all my half-built projects before starting on any major new ones.

The long process of painting the Cherry Picker is almost complete and now I've got my hands back on the KMX Tamper (after Himself produced a magnificent brass roof for it) I'm setting out to add the rest of the missing details.

It's going to be one of projects when you're never sure when to stop adding details. The sides and innards of the machine are riddled with hydraulic pipes, hoses and wiring but I do feel that in the smaller scales like 4mm sometimes a little less is better than a bit too much. Better sometimes, I think, to identify those details that define the prototype and emphasise those and avoid making it all look cluttered.

Or is this just me trying to excuse my lack of super-detailing skills?

Anyway, I've made a start today on the engine compartment. This is asymmetric with this side - what Boston Lodge would call the Clock Side - fully enclosed behind removable panels. This is the best side for the modeller because it provides a nice hidey-hole for the motor, in this case a butchered Kato 'Shorty'.

The other side - the Engine Side - is more open, as you can see.

There are a few more gubbins to add to fill some the space but you'll probably still see the motor through the gaps. Of course on the real thing it's the diesel engine which you can see so we'll have to try and paint the Kato motor cover to look something like it.

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