Friday, 22 October 2010


A rare treat for me today - the chance to work on one of my own models!

I've been adding more mechanical bits and bobs to the KMX tamper.

The most obvious new parts are the horizontal bracing pieces - the thick plastic beam and the tie bar in front of the tamping head.

I've also completed a lot of the lining mechanism in the centre bay. Or at least something that looks vaguely like the mechanism. I'm aiming for a convincing impression rather than a faithful reproduction here.

The shaft that heads off to the right should continue much further along but because the motor slots in from underneath this is as far as it can go.

Last task for today was knocking up some guide wheels, made up using tiny slices of styrene tube.

Here's the same section on the real thing. What do you all reckon?

And finally some posed shots with the bogies and roof on, to check that the guide wheels won't foul the track. There's not much in it but I think it'll be OK.

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