Friday, 14 January 2011

Braking News

My ballast wagon is receiving its finishing touches. The various handrails have been bonded on and the ballast chutes fixed in place too.

Today each end received brake pipes and one of them a handbrake. The vacuum hoses are made with more of the tiny picture hanging wire twisted around 0.7mm brass wire. (30 turns is the Dduallt / Bron Hebog recipe, although Himself prefers the wire from a Peco point motor solenoid)

So that leaves just a couple of small tasks:

The vacuum pipe run along the wagon which twists its way in between each half of the hopper.

The mesh on the operating platforms (whenever it arrives in the post - 10 days from ordering online and counting)

And these wee beasties....

Hmmmm. A little chin stroking called for before I try to tackle these, I think.


  1. Rob,
    51L models do these as an etch and are 'Ferry tie-Downs. The link to the componets are below.


    Darren Sherwood-Jones

  2. Brilliant! Thanks very much Darren. You have saved me many hours drilling, filing and generally turning the air blue!

  3. Glad to help. I bought some myself today at the St Albans show for the day i attempt these wagons.....