Thursday, 6 January 2011

Oh No, Not Again!

A mildly frustrating situation: a whole day free to model but not a lot to model with.

I'm awaiting supplies of styrene tube and some small brass strip for the ballast wagon but it seems the UK's postal service still in a a state of chaos caused by the snow and the long run of festive bank holidays. I was told a package was posted in England on Hogmanay (that's New Years Eve for the rest of the English-speaking world) but it has still to arrive here. I'm beginning to consider investing in a carrier pigeon....

With that off my chest let me tell you about today's technological breakthrough. A potential solution to that most infuriating of modelling accidents - knocking over one's bottle of plastic cement!

This happens to me not infrequently and matters were brought to a head this morning when a careless arm movement once more sent it toppling across the workbench. And as you can see, at this price that's not something you can afford to have happen too often.

Matters are not helped by the design of the bottle which has a centre of gravity not dissimilar to Katie Price wearing six inch heels. While south of the border for Christmas, however, I notice that Himself has thought of a neat solution to this problem and so I have shamelessly copied the idea.

It's basically nothing more than a box made out of thick styrene on a wide square base made just big enough to slot the bottle into. The base can even be screwed in position on your workbench for total security.

I'm hoping it'll prevent a lot of wasted cement and also a lot of foul language!

(I'll save that for the Royal Mail!)

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  1. ah yes that happened to me too, so I nicked a container which was used for a liquid soap/hand cream duo thingy in the bathroom which was just the perfect shape.