Monday, 24 October 2011

Armchair Modeller

I'm turning my attention to the interior of the 7mm WHR Pullman Obs 'Glaslyn' now that most of the main construction work on the body is done.

I've begun with the posh armchairs in the Observation Saloon. There are 14 of these to make. Here's a snap of the early stages of four of them.

If they look a little short to you that's because I haven't added the legs yet!

I make the semi-circular sides by rolling a pre-cut and shaped piece of styrene around a small cylinder - something like a pencil - which releases enough of the tension in it for it to be glued to one part of the base, left for a while, before curling it around and bonding it on the other side.

Another 10 to go and then I'll start on the big 'wing' chairs for the back half of the carriage.

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