Monday, 17 October 2011

Front & Rear

While some carpet fitters were doing their thing on the stairs today I grabbed a couple of hours at the workbench to get a few more bits added onto 'Glaslyn'. In fact they were the final few big ticket items which means the bodyshell is more or less complete now.

I began with fashioning and fitting the two window pillars at the front of the observation compartment.

These two pieces are among the trickiest bits on this model to get right because not only have they got to be placed on a curve (and what's more, a curve which is not a constant radius) they are also leant back. So it really is a three dimensional puzzle to get them placed correctly.

As you can see from the picture above, looking at them from the side, or three-quarters on, is not very helpful because of the illusion created by the lean of the pillar. A more reliable guide to whether you've got them positioned correctly is to look end-on or from above.

You'll see that the front skirt has been added as well. These bits really do make the model look 'complete' although, of course, it is still a long way from that.

At the back I added the corridor connections and the footsteps, which are chopped off at an angle to keep this 14 metre carriage within the dynamic envelope. It's 1m longer than any other carriage on the WHR, which is the reason why the roof is cut back above the doors at the back too.

So for the next session I think I will start work inside. I feel some armchairs coming on....

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