Saturday, 28 July 2012

Head's Up

I have resumed work on a second KMX tamper - this one for a client in Australia.

It's been some time since I last did anything to it, partly because the client made the fatal mistake of saying that he wasn't in a hurry for it, and because I've been concentrating on other projects including carriages for Bron Hebog and my latest adventure with resin casting wagons.

However I have decided that it is time I got back to work on it and in the last few days I've been working on one of the stand out features of the model: the tamp head.

As with my own model, for this one I am using resin castings that I've bought in from Britannia Pacific Models who produce kits for 4mm scale standard gauge machines.

I am slightly adapting the castings, at the request of the client, who was one of the engineers responsible for converting the machine for use on the WHR, to show the tamp head as he intended it to be, rather than as it turned out.

In effect, and in non-technical terms because I am not very technical, it means a double tamp head on either side of a single frame, rather than single tamp heads sandwiching a frame.

I have added lumpy bits (another technical term) at the sides and drilled holes in them so that the whole tamp head assembly can be suspended on two horizontal bars as it is on the real machine.

Here it is in position.

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