Friday, 6 July 2012

The Ends

This resin casting business is in danger of becoming addictive.

I've already made masters for the sides and floor of the DZ and now I've got not just one end panel but two.

Applying my usual searing logic to the matter (who am I trying to kid?) I decided that it would probably be quicker and simpler to be able to cast both ends of the wagon at once.

An additional benefit is it also effectively doubles the working life of the mould. If, as the retailer suggests, the silicone is good for 20 castings, by doing two at a time I am potentially able to cast enough bits for 20 wagons, as opposed to 10, before I have to dig out the master and make a replacement mould.

So I will now be casting virtually a complete wagon - sides, ends and chassis - it's almost like I am producing my own kit.

Hmm, I wonder.....

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