Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Yard Work

A new fiddle yard for the Caernarfon end of the layout means we will be able to put on a better show for the visitors to WHR Super Power - Great & Small at Dinas next weekend.

It's still only a temporary arrangement but it will allow us to run longer, and more representative, train formations than before when we had lashed up one of the yards from our other layout Dduallt which can only handle 5 carr sets.

Himself has retrieved one of the untouched baseboards from storage to be adapted for the job at Dinas.

It's a good opportunity to show you how be build our baseboards which deploy an open framework supported by two L shaped longitudinal girders.

For its role as a fiddle yard the board is having a sheet of plywood fixed in place but this will in time be removed and a sinuous trackbed piece will be cut out and put in its place supported on risers.

These next photos show how it's been laid out with three sidings in an arc to make them as long as possible.

Isolating sections have been added at the end of each of them to enable a us to run a new locomotive onto the Porthmadog end of the train for the return journey.

To help you orientate yourselves I should point out that this board sits behind the board with the north end of the Beddgelert station platform (to the right of the picture below) and will eventually form part of the S bend around Cwm Cloch.

I'm beginning to get really excited about the prospect of 3 days playing with the layout again at Dinas - it's nearly 18 months since we last had it up and running. Too long.

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