Friday, 21 November 2014

A Start On 119

Having made a sketch plan of the FR's latest carriage, 119, before we left for Hull I stole half an hour at my modelling desk last night to make up the first layer of the first side.

It's quite different to any of the Super Barn carriages that have come before ir.

Although outwardly similar to 2046, the latest WHR carriage, 119 has window pillars which are 50% thicker than most other modern FR vehicles.

I'm supposing that is because the body is entirely wooden framed and is an effect of having fewer pillars - 2046 in common with the other modern WHR vehicles has a steel skeleton which is then clad in wood.

So for me that means using 0.60" strip as opposed to my usual 0.40". In one way it's good because there's more styrene in contact at the bonding points at the top and bottom of each pillar but it's going to take some getting used to when looking at it.

My intention is to use the two sides I make up as masters for making a pattern and then resin casting copies to make the model from in the hope that the following carriage in the series will be more or less identical.

It's one heck of a gamble.....

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  1. Identical on the F&WHR... Pffft..!